Monday, November 26, 2012

Damian's Sacrifice #11

*using my best voice-over impression* Please be advised the following contains explicit material not meant for an audience under 18.

Cara was caught in a whirlpool of desire, her lips fused to his as their tongues collided over and over again.  His muscled arms holding her firmly against his hips, her body was infused with the heat of his raw power, setting her blood on fire.  If she didn’t have him soon, she would explode.

Lowered to the bed, the soft cushion pressed against her back, the smooth cotton brushing against her skin.  As Damian released her, her legs fell to the mussed sheets.  He pulled away, bracing himself on his hands and knees.  She sucked in a breath as she looked into his eyes.  They were literally glowing, like he’d been lit up from within, bathing her in rays of warmth.  It didn’t spark her fear, only fueled her hunger for him.

“Stop me now, Cara, if you don’t want this.”  The deep rasp of his voice had her heart pounding.

Their gazes locked, she lifted her upper body to his, joining their mouths once again.  Her fingers drifted along the rigid muscles of his back, savoring each defined line.  As she slipped her hand under his shirt, he shuddered and groaned.  She raked her fingernails across his lower back and gently tugged the shirt up his body, separating their lips only long enough to raise the obstructive fabric over his head and toss it to the floor.

She followed his lead as he urged her back against the bed, his leg wedging in between hers, pinning her.  The delicate touch of his lips brushed her ear, flooding her with heat, the stark contrast of his gentle caress and iron-hard body heightening the pleasure.  He nuzzled her neck, kissing and licking a trail to her collarbone.  The sharp points of his fangs nipped her shoulder, the sweet sting forcing a moan past her lips.

His hands roamed her body, fingers lightly grazing her breasts through her tank top as they travelled down her stomach to the sliver of skin peeking out at her waist.  He traced the curve of her hip, easing the shirt over her breasts in no hurry.  Impatient, she shifted her body and pulled the top completely off, sending it to join his on the carpet.   As Cara moved to unhook her bra, Damian’s hand locked around her wrist, stopping her.

He leaned down, his mouth right beside her ear.  “Allow me.  I’m very good with my hands.”  The whisper of words sent a bolt of lightning straight to her core.

His hand slid to her back, fingers working the clasp free.  In the next breath, the bra was gone, her breasts bared to him.  The cool rush of air peaked her nipples.  A soft growl rumbled in his throat as he stared down at her.

Damian inched closer, wetting his lips as his mouth hovered above her breasts.  “Just like I imagined.  Perfect.”  His warm breath fanned across her sensitive skin.

Cara’s heart thundering, she watched as he dipped his head, his tongue gliding over her nipple.  Desire pooled between her thighs as he drew the taut peak into the warmth of his mouth.  Her fingers curled into his hair and she arched against him, desperate for more.

Moving to the opposite side, he gave it the same lavish treatment while rolling her other nipple between his forefinger and thumb.  A whimper escaped as her hips lifted to his, her core aching to feel him inside.

Wet kisses showered her stomach, moving lower as her pajama shorts and panties were stripped off.  He nudged her thighs apart to accommodate his wide frame and nestled his body between her legs.

“I need a taste.”  His deep voice distorted by passion, the glow in his eyes brightened.

Brushing her slick folds, his tongue swept up her delicate flesh in one long stroke.  He nuzzled tighter, growling low, the vibration a tantalizing sensation against her clit.  A thick finger sank deep, driving in and out in a slow rhythm.  His tongue quickened the assault on her most sensitive spot, the combination a perfect storm that drove her need for him to the brink.  Her lower belly clenched as she tightened around him, and he backed off.  She cried out, dangling on the edge of orgasm.

“Easy, beautiful.  Not yet.  I want to be in you when you come.”

The lust pouring from his eyes washed over her, soaking into her skin.  That rich brown stare would haunt her dreams every night until the day she died.

“Please, Damian.  I...need you.”  Cara panted.

Stalking up her body, his mouth captured hers as he entered her, and they both groaned.  The pressure of his hard length filling her cranked her desire even higher, fast approaching the verge of release.

He cradled the back of her neck as he rocked his hips, moving in long, deliberate strokes.  She clung to his massive forearms, arching to meet each thrust, craving every inch he had to offer.  His pace increased, strumming every nerve inside her.  As he pounded into her, she held on for dear life. 

The silken caresses pushed her over the limit, rocketing her to climax.  Her muscles gripped him, fluttering around his sex, as the orgasm rolled through her.

His body stiffened and he shouted out his release.  Warm jets flooded her as he thrust forward, stilling when the last of his orgasm spilled into her.

She met his gaze, the adoration in it making her heart stutter.  Cheeks heating as she returned the sentiment, he smiled down at her.

Damian eased out of her and collapsed to the bed.  Sorrow carved a hole in her heart at their separation.  The pang of emptiness was short lived as his arm wrapped around as pulled her into an embrace, spooning her.  Wonderful heat settling against her back, she couldn’t hold back the content sigh. 

Gentle kisses spread along her shoulder as he rolled her to face him.  His lips met hers with a sweet softness, her body melting into a puddle under him.  It was pure heaven.

He lifted away, solemn brown eyes staring back at her.  “Stay with me, Cara.”


  1. Hot DAYUM. That was AWESOMSAUCE. I can't WAIT til next week. Wow. Good job!!!

  2. Speechless!!! Perfect!!! Looooooove is wonderful!!

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