Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baby, it's cold inside

First off, I want to apologize that I won't be posting the next installment of Damian's Sacrifice this week.  Real life decided it was bored and wanted to spice things up a little in our relationship.  But don't worry, come hell or high water, or the frozen Arctic tundra that is my house right now, I will have it up next week.

So, our central air unit decided to crap out on us this past week.  The thermostat worked, the condenser fan was running, but not a single breath of warm air got pushed through the vents.  As a result, I woke up to a house that was 60 degrees.  The first HVAC repair guy came out, and gave us a quote of $1500 to fix it.  Um.... how about HELL NO!  The second guy did much better with about a $400 fix.  The only problem is the parts won't be here until next week.  Which means I'll be spending the weekend cuddling with the husband to stay warm.  Well ok, THAT part is the silver lining in all this crap ;)

See you guys next week.