Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Okay Horse, I'm Climbing Back On

Wow, it's been a crazy long time since I've been here. I got distracted. Writer's block hit hard. The recent never-ending months of sickness hit even harder. Um...my dog ate my homework. Well, actually I haven't had a dog for many years now (hubby is VERY allergic), but the really sweet black lab we did have had a discriminating palate, i.e. outdoor furniture and high-end electronics. Anyway, I finally got tired of being able to tally my word count with my fingers, so here I am. I read some fantastic ideas to help me write every day, even when the bane of authors everywhere starts sucking the soul out of each word I try to type.
Today's word count if brought to you by Brutal's first journal entry. Please remember that anything posted here may not wind up as Guardian Order canon, especially during my reintroduction to writerdom. But, having a place to post this stuff gives my brain the sense of accomplishing the task, which I need to drive ever forward. So without further ado...

This is stupid. I don’t even know why I let them talk me into writing in this ridiculous thing. It’s got a unicorn on the cover for fuck’s sake. Probably Vain’s idea. He loves screwing with everybody, especially me, since he can’t beat me in a fight. That male causes more drama than those crazy ass reality show housewives. Hail’s death seems to have made him worse. Hell, his death has made everyone worse, really. Stone has been drinking himself into a coma every night. Raze has been blowing up the gardens with his not-so-spontaneous combustions. Lanea yelled at me for two hours last week about how nothing will ever grow there again. Didn’t miss the irony that if Hail were here, he could fix it. Havoc has voiced objections on bringing his younger brother into the Order. I told him it wasn’t his call to make. In the history of our people, only a handful of candidates have ever turned down the honor of the Sacrifice, so we’ll see what Savage is made of soon enough. Stark is the only one acting normal, but he doesn’t really have a choice I guess. Every once in a while, though, I catch a glimpse of cloudiness in his eyes. It’s always gone with the next blink, but I know it was there. It worries me that the Order can be shaken up like that. Something else has me worried, too. A couple of weeks before Hail died, he told me I would fall, but not to fight it. What the fuck? First of all, I CAN’T fall, thank you Sacrifice. Second, even if I could be knocked down, I would NEVER give up. Third, when the hell did he start with the prophetic vision shit? I asked Stone to look into it, but he didn’t see anything. Stone did say he saw us fighting a lot more drones, but that’s not surprising. We’re all itching for some retribution for Hail. It feels like something big is on the horizon, though.

So maybe this wasn’t so bad. I can deal with putting a few words on a piece of paper every now and then. But, I am so gonna toss some extra power in my punches the next time I spar with Vain.