Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Okay Horse, I'm Climbing Back On

Wow, it's been a crazy long time since I've been here. I got distracted. Writer's block hit hard. The recent never-ending months of sickness hit even harder. Um...my dog ate my homework. Well, actually I haven't had a dog for many years now (hubby is VERY allergic), but the really sweet black lab we did have had a discriminating palate, i.e. outdoor furniture and high-end electronics. Anyway, I finally got tired of being able to tally my word count with my fingers, so here I am. I read some fantastic ideas to help me write every day, even when the bane of authors everywhere starts sucking the soul out of each word I try to type.
Today's word count if brought to you by Brutal's first journal entry. Please remember that anything posted here may not wind up as Guardian Order canon, especially during my reintroduction to writerdom. But, having a place to post this stuff gives my brain the sense of accomplishing the task, which I need to drive ever forward. So without further ado...

This is stupid. I don’t even know why I let them talk me into writing in this ridiculous thing. It’s got a unicorn on the cover for fuck’s sake. Probably Vain’s idea. He loves screwing with everybody, especially me, since he can’t beat me in a fight. That male causes more drama than those crazy ass reality show housewives. Hail’s death seems to have made him worse. Hell, his death has made everyone worse, really. Stone has been drinking himself into a coma every night. Raze has been blowing up the gardens with his not-so-spontaneous combustions. Lanea yelled at me for two hours last week about how nothing will ever grow there again. Didn’t miss the irony that if Hail were here, he could fix it. Havoc has voiced objections on bringing his younger brother into the Order. I told him it wasn’t his call to make. In the history of our people, only a handful of candidates have ever turned down the honor of the Sacrifice, so we’ll see what Savage is made of soon enough. Stark is the only one acting normal, but he doesn’t really have a choice I guess. Every once in a while, though, I catch a glimpse of cloudiness in his eyes. It’s always gone with the next blink, but I know it was there. It worries me that the Order can be shaken up like that. Something else has me worried, too. A couple of weeks before Hail died, he told me I would fall, but not to fight it. What the fuck? First of all, I CAN’T fall, thank you Sacrifice. Second, even if I could be knocked down, I would NEVER give up. Third, when the hell did he start with the prophetic vision shit? I asked Stone to look into it, but he didn’t see anything. Stone did say he saw us fighting a lot more drones, but that’s not surprising. We’re all itching for some retribution for Hail. It feels like something big is on the horizon, though.

So maybe this wasn’t so bad. I can deal with putting a few words on a piece of paper every now and then. But, I am so gonna toss some extra power in my punches the next time I spar with Vain.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Absense makes the heart grow fonder...

So sorry I've been away for so long, everyone. I've been trying like hell to get the time to start back up with Damian and Cara. Unfortunately, the time still eludes me for now. I'm in the process of polishing up the first few chapters of my full length book, with the goal of entering it in a writing contest. Having never done this sort of thing before, EVER, it's taking me much longer than I'd hoped it would. But anything worth doing is worth doing right, and nothing worth having is going to be easy. Isn't that what "they" say? Well, at any rate, that's what I'm telling myself so I don't go insane. Also, and not that I am complaining by any means, I've had a few more book ideas pop into my dreams. Sometimes you just can't deny those voices the air time they demand. So I've been writing a few pages here and there. I'm terribly excited for the newest one, and since I'm in a sharing mood, I thought I'd...well...share. And just so you guys know, this is a first draft, so don't judge it too harshly.

*clears throat* The opening for the first book in this new series.

Amelina forced her legs to carry her exhausted body through the dense foliage at the back of her family’s estate. Faster. Keep moving. The fallen twigs scattered across the ground protested the assault, biting into her bare feet with each panicked step. Though spring had brought with it the vibrant green of renewed life, Old Man Winter’s casualties lay strewn amongst the forest like landmines long forgotten. Just waiting for someone to come along and step on them.

Almost there. You just need to make it to the barrier.

A gunshot echoed through the trees behind her. More followed in rapid succession, a warzone erupting in her family’s backyard. The wind swirled through her hair, whipping it against her cheeks. The explosions were gaining ground, closer and closer despite her adrenaline-fueled effort. Amelina risked a quick glance over her shoulder and nearly tripped over herself when she saw the path of destruction at her tail. It hadn’t been gunshots she’d heard.

Something was breaking the goddamn trees in half. The three hundred year old oak trees with trunks wider than some cars. Snapping like goddamn toothpicks.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baby, it's cold inside

First off, I want to apologize that I won't be posting the next installment of Damian's Sacrifice this week.  Real life decided it was bored and wanted to spice things up a little in our relationship.  But don't worry, come hell or high water, or the frozen Arctic tundra that is my house right now, I will have it up next week.

So, our central air unit decided to crap out on us this past week.  The thermostat worked, the condenser fan was running, but not a single breath of warm air got pushed through the vents.  As a result, I woke up to a house that was 60 degrees.  The first HVAC repair guy came out, and gave us a quote of $1500 to fix it.  Um.... how about HELL NO!  The second guy did much better with about a $400 fix.  The only problem is the parts won't be here until next week.  Which means I'll be spending the weekend cuddling with the husband to stay warm.  Well ok, THAT part is the silver lining in all this crap ;)

See you guys next week.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Damian's Sacrifice #11

*using my best voice-over impression* Please be advised the following contains explicit material not meant for an audience under 18.

Cara was caught in a whirlpool of desire, her lips fused to his as their tongues collided over and over again.  His muscled arms holding her firmly against his hips, her body was infused with the heat of his raw power, setting her blood on fire.  If she didn’t have him soon, she would explode.

Lowered to the bed, the soft cushion pressed against her back, the smooth cotton brushing against her skin.  As Damian released her, her legs fell to the mussed sheets.  He pulled away, bracing himself on his hands and knees.  She sucked in a breath as she looked into his eyes.  They were literally glowing, like he’d been lit up from within, bathing her in rays of warmth.  It didn’t spark her fear, only fueled her hunger for him.

“Stop me now, Cara, if you don’t want this.”  The deep rasp of his voice had her heart pounding.

Their gazes locked, she lifted her upper body to his, joining their mouths once again.  Her fingers drifted along the rigid muscles of his back, savoring each defined line.  As she slipped her hand under his shirt, he shuddered and groaned.  She raked her fingernails across his lower back and gently tugged the shirt up his body, separating their lips only long enough to raise the obstructive fabric over his head and toss it to the floor.

She followed his lead as he urged her back against the bed, his leg wedging in between hers, pinning her.  The delicate touch of his lips brushed her ear, flooding her with heat, the stark contrast of his gentle caress and iron-hard body heightening the pleasure.  He nuzzled her neck, kissing and licking a trail to her collarbone.  The sharp points of his fangs nipped her shoulder, the sweet sting forcing a moan past her lips.

His hands roamed her body, fingers lightly grazing her breasts through her tank top as they travelled down her stomach to the sliver of skin peeking out at her waist.  He traced the curve of her hip, easing the shirt over her breasts in no hurry.  Impatient, she shifted her body and pulled the top completely off, sending it to join his on the carpet.   As Cara moved to unhook her bra, Damian’s hand locked around her wrist, stopping her.

He leaned down, his mouth right beside her ear.  “Allow me.  I’m very good with my hands.”  The whisper of words sent a bolt of lightning straight to her core.

His hand slid to her back, fingers working the clasp free.  In the next breath, the bra was gone, her breasts bared to him.  The cool rush of air peaked her nipples.  A soft growl rumbled in his throat as he stared down at her.

Damian inched closer, wetting his lips as his mouth hovered above her breasts.  “Just like I imagined.  Perfect.”  His warm breath fanned across her sensitive skin.

Cara’s heart thundering, she watched as he dipped his head, his tongue gliding over her nipple.  Desire pooled between her thighs as he drew the taut peak into the warmth of his mouth.  Her fingers curled into his hair and she arched against him, desperate for more.

Moving to the opposite side, he gave it the same lavish treatment while rolling her other nipple between his forefinger and thumb.  A whimper escaped as her hips lifted to his, her core aching to feel him inside.

Wet kisses showered her stomach, moving lower as her pajama shorts and panties were stripped off.  He nudged her thighs apart to accommodate his wide frame and nestled his body between her legs.

“I need a taste.”  His deep voice distorted by passion, the glow in his eyes brightened.

Brushing her slick folds, his tongue swept up her delicate flesh in one long stroke.  He nuzzled tighter, growling low, the vibration a tantalizing sensation against her clit.  A thick finger sank deep, driving in and out in a slow rhythm.  His tongue quickened the assault on her most sensitive spot, the combination a perfect storm that drove her need for him to the brink.  Her lower belly clenched as she tightened around him, and he backed off.  She cried out, dangling on the edge of orgasm.

“Easy, beautiful.  Not yet.  I want to be in you when you come.”

The lust pouring from his eyes washed over her, soaking into her skin.  That rich brown stare would haunt her dreams every night until the day she died.

“Please, Damian.  I...need you.”  Cara panted.

Stalking up her body, his mouth captured hers as he entered her, and they both groaned.  The pressure of his hard length filling her cranked her desire even higher, fast approaching the verge of release.

He cradled the back of her neck as he rocked his hips, moving in long, deliberate strokes.  She clung to his massive forearms, arching to meet each thrust, craving every inch he had to offer.  His pace increased, strumming every nerve inside her.  As he pounded into her, she held on for dear life. 

The silken caresses pushed her over the limit, rocketing her to climax.  Her muscles gripped him, fluttering around his sex, as the orgasm rolled through her.

His body stiffened and he shouted out his release.  Warm jets flooded her as he thrust forward, stilling when the last of his orgasm spilled into her.

She met his gaze, the adoration in it making her heart stutter.  Cheeks heating as she returned the sentiment, he smiled down at her.

Damian eased out of her and collapsed to the bed.  Sorrow carved a hole in her heart at their separation.  The pang of emptiness was short lived as his arm wrapped around as pulled her into an embrace, spooning her.  Wonderful heat settling against her back, she couldn’t hold back the content sigh. 

Gentle kisses spread along her shoulder as he rolled her to face him.  His lips met hers with a sweet softness, her body melting into a puddle under him.  It was pure heaven.

He lifted away, solemn brown eyes staring back at her.  “Stay with me, Cara.”

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Damian's Sacrifice #10

Damian was a grade-A, choice cut asshole.  He should have dazed Cara back at the studio and then watched over her from the shadows until any danger had passed. 

In secret. 

He should not have told her anything about him or his people.  But as he’d stared into her powder blue eyes, his desire for her had won out.  Now, Cara was suffering for it.  He could smell the sadness coming off of her as she’d walked into her bedroom.

Selfish bastard.

The sound of running water stirred a different guilt in him, images of her flashing through his mind.  Naked and dripping wet, body soft and flush from the steam.  Hands running over her body, suds trailing down her breasts to the apex of her thighs.  Head tilting under the spray as her long waves cling to her back, eyes closed, lips slightly parted.  Drawing her tight against him, skin to skin, his arm wrapping around her waist.  Sliding his tongue along her bottom lip before plunging inside, claiming her mouth.


His throbbing cock, pressing against his zipper, tore him from the sinful fantasy.  He looked at the front of his jeans, shame and disgust filling his heart.  Cara had just gone through a day of hell, her world never to be the same.  She needed his comfort, not his hard dick.

A knock on the door had him palming his SIG, easing his way over to glance through the peephole.  Holding a pizza box, a boy wearing a Carini’s Pizza t-shirt and a big ass grin waited on the other side.  The delivery boy.

Damian swung his head to Cara’s bedroom door as he heard the water cut off.  She was naked back there.  He bit back a growl.  No other male would get inside the apartment while she was undressed.

He ripped his wallet from his back pocket and snatched a twenty from the billfold.  Flinging the door open, he shoved the money into the guy’s hand, jerked the box away from him, and slammed the door in his face.

Smooth.  Real smooth, D.   Well, it was better than beating the guy’s face in, which is exactly what he would have done if he’d seen Cara naked.

Damian turned to the kitchen as Cara’s bedroom door opened.  He sucked in a breath, frozen in place, his eyes absorbing her image.  She was wearing a light blue tank top and matching striped shorts, revealing a lot of skin.  Bruised skin.  All over her shoulders and thighs.  He struggled to maintain control, clamping down on his rage so his eyes wouldn’t shift to flame and scare the crap out of her.  Again.  Holding the pizza box in a death grip, he forced his feet to carry him into the kitchen.

“I guess that was the delivery boy knocking on the door?  How much did you give him, so I can pay you back?”  She headed for her purse, but he threw up a hand to stop her.

“Don’t worry about it.  My treat.”  He flashed a smile as he placed the box on the table.

“You know, it is okay to let the woman pay sometimes.  You don’t have to take care of me.”

Damian grunted.  Every bone in his body disagreed.  It would be my honor to care for you, always.

Strange how quickly and easily his heart laid claim to her.  But he could not voice it—would not.  He was to become a Guardian, and in the process gain the thousand year life span his mixed blood had denied him.  Tying himself to a human was out of the question.

“What can I say?  I’m an old-fashioned kind of guy.  Have a seat, and I’ll get us some plates.”

As he rifled through the cabinets behind him for the dishes, a male voice invaded his ears, simultaneously punching him in the gut.

“Hey, it’s me.  I’ve got big news, but I can’t tell you over the phone.  Can I see you tomorrow?  Call me back.  I love you Care Bear.”  A loud beep followed the message.

He whirled around, a pang of jealousy stabbing his heart.  Someone else loved his Cara.  Even had a cute nickname for her.  His gaze flew to hers, and his heart stopped beating, the anger disintegrating in an instant.  Tears streamed down her cheeks, panic set into her features.

“I...I can’t see my...brother tomorrow.  Not so soon after...Connor can’t know what happened.”  She collapsed into her chair, hands covering her face as her body quaked with sobs.

Damian’s heart shattered.  He could make it right, give her back a normal life.  She deserved to be happy, to live a life free of guilt, unburdened with hiding her pain.  He had it in his power to take it all away, with just a touch to her face.  But something deep inside wouldn’t let him daze her against her will.  So he’d have to convince her it was the right thing to do.

He eased over to her, gently resting a hand on her shoulder as he stroked her hair with the other.  Before he could speak a word, she bolted to the kitchen sink, splashing water on her face.

“I’m sorry.  I know you don’t want to be here babysitting a blubbering idiot.  I’ll be fine.  I just need a second, that’s all.”  Her voice shook under the strain.

He approached slowly, afraid she would flee again.  His hands gripped her arms, turning her to face him, but she didn’t meet his eyes.  “Cara, please don’t pull away from me.  You don’t have to deal with this by yourself.  Let me help you, please.  I need to take care of you.”

She remained silent, unmoving in his arms.  But she wasn’t running away either.

“There’s still time to fix this.  I can daze you, take this horrible day from your memory.  I can watch you from a distance and keep you safe.  You have no idea how much it’s gonna kill me to do it, but every part of me screams out to make you happy.”

Her gaze lifted, not a trace of fear or doubt lingering in the pools of blue staring back at him.  “If you think removing yourself from my life will make me happy, you’re wrong.”  She wrapped her arms around his neck, lifting to her toes as her mouth hovered just millimeters away.  “What I need is you.”

The air around them shifted as the heat of her desire plowed over him in waves.  Her soft lips brushed a tender kiss to his, her tongue lightly teasing him to open for her.  The thin thread of his resolve snapped and his hands gripped her waist, crushing her against him.  He deepened the kiss, taking control as his tongue danced with hers, the taste of her burning him from the inside out.

His hands trailed down the curve of her hips to cup her ass.  She lifted her legs, encircling around him as she rubbed against his cock.  The friction through their clothes was a delicious torture, pushing him to the precipice of losing himself.

Cara moaned against his mouth, and he surrendered the last shred of control.  He was powerless as his legs carried them to her bedroom.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tag, I'm It

A really great author friend of mine, C.A. Szarek, was tagged with this questionnaire about works-in-progress, and she was kind enough to tag me with it, too.  If I knew any other authors, I'd continue the chain.  But, since she's the only one I know, I'm returning the tag for her.  Check out the link to her blog.  I know I can't WAIT for the book she's referencing.  LEARGAN!!!
C.A. Szarek

On to my own WIP...

What is your working title of your book?
Brutal Embrace
Where did the idea come from for the book?
One night, as I was sitting on the couch, I had vision of a woman waking up from a nightmare.  The scene was so vivid, I felt compelled to write it down, even though I've never really tried writing a story before.  I asked questions as I wrote, and the scene became a chapter, and the chapter several pages.

What genre does your book fall under?
Paranormal romance with a hint of sci-fi.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
Brutal would be Joe Manganiello with longer hair.
Tess is a little more difficult.  She has a sweetness to her beauty, kinda like Katherine Heigl, only not as tall.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Brutal, the leader of the Guardian Order, battles against his ancient enemy and time as he prepares the only human dreamer in existence, Tess Donavan, for her new life.
Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
Here's hoping I have an answer to that question soon.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Considering, I'm still writing it, I have been working on it for almost a year.  Being new at this, I'm still honing my word-crafting skills.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
I can't really compare it to any one book in the genre.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
I am a huge fan of J.R. Ward and Pamela Palmer.  Laurann Dohner is also on that list.  But my writer bestie, Chrissy has helped me find the courage to actually keep writing.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
Hot alpha males with fangs and special powers (no, they aren't vamps or wolves) protecting the human realm from an unspeakable evil hell bent on dominating all dimensions. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Damian's Sacrifice #9

Tears threatened to spill down her cheeks the second her ass hit the driver’s seat of her car.  Familiar was supposed to feel safe, comforting.  But Brian had been both. Dangerous lie that turned out to be.  Reaching into her purse for a tissue she fiercely fought against needing, her hand brushed against the small velvet box that started this whole mess.  What was she going to do with the damn necklace now?  She sure as hell wasn’t keeping it, but she couldn’t give it back to Brian either.

What a fucking nightmare.

Cara’s gaze slid to Damian.  He stood by the passenger side of his car, door open wide as he motioned for her to come with him.  He even gave her a slight bow.  She didn’t try to fight the curve of her lips as she got out.

“I can drive you home, if you want.  I’ll handle getting your car there so you won’t have to worry about that.”

She’d expected him to say that she shouldn’t be driving right now, that she needed to take it easy and calm her nerves.  Being the youngest in the family, someone was always trying to tell her what was best for her.  As if she couldn’t possibly handle her own life, despite the fact that she lived alone and ran her own business.  But he didn’t lecture her, or try to boss her around.  Instead, he presented her with another option, one she was grateful he’d offered.

“Thank you.  I’d appreciate that.”  She eyed the respectable sedan as she passed by.  “So, you drive a badass motorcycle and a... Volvo?”

“It’s my grandmother’s.”  He said dryly as a smile curved his lips, ushering her into the seat, then closing her door.

After giving him the directions to her apartment, they pulled onto James Avenue.

“So what’s the deal with those other people who came through the portal?  Are they even people?”  She was already plummeting down the rabbit hole.  Might as well find out what was at the bottom of the damn thing.

“The less you know about them, the better.  The only reason I brought them up is because of what I had to do to that asshole.  Dazing, along with some other Arcturian abilities, can be detected by them.  If they searched his mind, they could find out about your connection to me.”

“How likely is that to happen?”

“Not very.  They don’t usually bother with dazed humans, but I’m not willing to risk leaving you unprotected.  Until the aura wears off, I will stay with you.  Luckily, since I didn’t mess with him that much, it should be gone by tonight.”

“I don’t really know what to say about all this.  It’s so hard to wrap my mind around.”  She dropped her gaze, staring at her lap.

Damian closed his hand around hers, gently raising it to his lips as he pressed a kiss to her palm. The contact shot a tingle through her, his warmth echoing inside her.

“I’m so sorry, Cara.  I brought all of this on you.”

“No, you didn’t.  Brian still would have come here to...”  She took a deep breath, shaking her head.  “You wouldn’t have been here to save me if we hadn’t bumped into each other last night.  I’m lucky to have you... looking out for me.”

She turned away, staring out the window, a blanket of silence descending upon them.  It was funny how life worked sometimes.  Destiny, fate, divine intervention.  Whichever one this situation was, Cara was exactly where she needed to be, the signs unmistakable. Their accidental meet, their instant attraction, the near miss with Brian.  Damian was meant to be in her life.  But, for how long?

As they pulled up to the apartment building, she directed him to her parking space.  She wasn’t going to need it for the rest of the day anyway.

He withdrew a gun from under his seat, tucking it in the waist of his jeans, under his shirt.  He handled it with the ease and confidence of someone who knew what they were doing.  While she’d never been comfortable around guns, she couldn’t argue with him carrying one.  It could wind up saving their lives.

His eyes met hers, the graveness in them giving her pause.

“When we get to your apartment, you stay right behind me.  If I tell you to run, you run.  You hear me?”

She fought the urge to roll her eyes.  “I hear you.  Look, I understand that you know more about what’s going on than I do.  And I trust you, so I’ll do what you say.  For now.  But, I wouldn’t get used too used to it, if I were you.”

He smirked.  “Let’s go.”

After checking the entire apartment, and finding nothing wrong, she let out a breath of relief.  At least something of her life was still normal.

She watched Damian as he set the gun on the table beside the couch.  He wasn’t as worried about an attack, but obviously still wanted it within reach.

“Those two guys with you last night, they’re Arcturians, aren’t they?”

“Yes.”  His jaw set in a hard line.

“Is it possible I’ve met other Arcturians, too?”

“Well, I guess it’s possible.  But unless you go out at night very often, I doubt it.”

“Why is that?”

“Arcturians are nocturnal.  They get a form of radiation sickness from sunlight, making them extremely sick after an hour or so of exposure.  Only a few hyrbrids like myself are able to stand being out during the day.”

Damn.  No wonder people thought vampires existed.  Fangs, check.  No sunlight, check.

“You guys don’t drink blood, do you?”  A laugh bubbled up as she struggled to keep a straight face.

“But of course we do.  I vant to sok your blod.”  He said, laughing through the spot-on Transylvanian accent.

Her stomach growled, reminding her that they had missed lunch.  “Since I am but a humble human, I need food.  How do you feel about getting a pizza delivered?”


“It’s not pizza without it.”  She went into the kitchen for the number, and called in their order.  A large should be enough. 

She caught her reflection off the microwave and her heart twisted.  Her hair grungy and disheveled, her face and neck bruised, she suddenly felt covered in filth.  The muck of a really bad day that only a steaming hot shower could fix.

Cara walked back into the living room, Damian turning from the window to meet her gaze.

“Would you mind watching out for the delivery guy?  I really need to get cleaned up.  They said it’d be about twenty minutes.”

“I don’t mind at all.  I’d planned on being the one to answer your door, anyway.  I meant what I said before.  I’m going to make sure you’re protected, Cara.”

“Help yourself to anything I’ve got.  I shouldn’t be too long.”

She laid out her pajamas on her bed, snagging a towel from the armoire in her room before going in her bathroom.  Staring once again at her reflection, the stress was taking its toll on her, dark circles under her eyes, face streaked with dried tears.  The shock of her ordeal was wearing off, leaving her cold and exhausted.  She was losing the battle to keep her composure, Damian being the only thing saving her from a complete meltdown.

Cranking the hot water up as high as she could stand it, Cara slid out of her clothes as steam filled the room.  Bruises littered her body.  And her soul.  Tears welled, but she squeezed her eyes shut to keep them from falling.

I will not cry.

I will not cry.